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Standard 2005-12

DIN EN 12507:2005-12
Transportation services - Guidance notes on the application of EN ISO 9001:2000 to the road transportation, storage, distribution and railway goods industries; German version EN 12507:2005

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Standard 2006-02

DIN EN 14892:2006-02
Transport service - City logistics - Guideline for the definition of limited access to city centers; German version EN 14892:2005

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from 46.05 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2006-03

DIN EN 14943:2006-03
Transport services - Logistics - Glossary of terms; German version EN 14943:2005

from 224.20 EUR VAT included

from 188.40 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2013-03

DIN EN 16271:2013-03
Value management - Functional expression of the need and functional performance specification - Requirements for expressing and validating the need to be satisfied within the process of purchasing or obtaining a product; German version EN 16271:2012

This standard has been prepared by Working Group WG 3 "Functional analysis" of CEN/TC 279 "Value Management - Value analysis, functional analysis" with German participation. This standard is a ...

from 108.80 EUR VAT included

from 91.43 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2013-06

DIN EN 16352:2013-06
Logistics - Specifications for reporting crime incidents; German version EN 16352:2013

Crime incidents in the European supply chain lack tangibility. Effective security measures depend on transparency, also to define the responsibilities of business and public authorities. A ...

from 61.70 EUR VAT included

from 51.85 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2019-05

DIN EN 17371-1:2019-05 - Draft
Provision of services - Part 1: Service procurement - Guidance for the assessment of the capacity of service providers and evaluation of service proposals; German and English version prEN 17371-1:2019

from 82.60 EUR VAT included

from 69.41 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2018-05

DIN EN 301549:2018-05
Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe; English version EN 301 549 V1.1.2 (2015-04); Text in German, only on CD-ROM

from 255.70 EUR VAT included

from 214.87 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2019-04

DIN ISO 20400:2019-04 - Draft
Sustainable procurement - Guidance (ISO 20400:2017); Text in German and English

from 147.20 EUR VAT included

from 123.70 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2015-08

DIN ISO 28000:2015-08
Specification for security management systems for the supply chain (ISO 28000:2007)

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Technical rule 2010-03

DIN SPEC 1001:2010-03
Warehousing and transport logistics - Standardized performance description and assessment in the tender phase
Procedure: PAS

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