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Spielgeräte, Sport, Freizeitanlagen

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Spielgeräte, Sport, Freizeitanlagen

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On subscription only. Purchase implies subscription for at least one year.

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from 14.83 EUR/Month incl. VAT.

from 178.00 EUR/Year incl. VAT.


On subscription only. Purchase implies subscription for at least one year.

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Modul Spielplätze und Spielplatzgeräte

In addition to the DIN EN 1176 series of standards, which specifies the safety requirements for playground equipment, this module contains other standards such as DIN 18034 and relevant legal provisions in the original version.

Module content

from 20,67 EUR/month VAT included

from 248,00 EUR/year VAT included

Modul Schwimmbäder und Schwimmbadgeräte

With the swimming pool and swimming pool equipment module, you have access to documents on the planning, construction, operation, maintenance and testing of swimming pools and swimming pool equipment, including the DIN 19643 series on the treatment of swimming and bathing pool water.

Module content

from 25,67 EUR/month VAT included

from 308,00 EUR/year VAT included

Modul Sportgeräte und Freizeitanlagen Outdoor

With the Sports Equipment and Outdoor Leisure Facilities module, you have access to DIN standards for the planning, construction, operation, testing and maintenance of sports equipment and leisure facilities, including the DIN EN 15567 series on rope courses.

Module content

from 14,83 EUR/month VAT included

from 178,00 EUR/year VAT included

Modul Sport- und Spielfeldgeräte Indoor

With the documents contained in the indoor sports and playground equipment module, you have access to all the relevant standards that help you plan, build and test sports and playground equipment, including the DIN 18032 series on sports halls and the DIN EN 12503 series Sports mats.

Module content

from 29,00 EUR/month VAT included

from 348,00 EUR/year VAT included