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Aluminium Material Data Sheets


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7. Edition, 336 pages, A4, Hard cover

The Aluminium Material Data Sheets present the most important data for the most frequently used aluminium grades. They are a helpful tool for choosing the most suitable aluminium grade for specific purposes.

They provide essential information on:

  • chemical composition
  • physical properties
  • mechanical properties
  • comparable international material grades
  • suitability for applications
  • heat treatment
  • welding filler metals
  • relevant international standards

The data for each material grade conclude with an overview of its essential characteristics. The 7th edition has been expanded to cover more than 60 wrought and casting alloys.

ISBN 978-3-410-26875-8 | Order number 26875
E-Book 978-3-410-26876-5 | Order number 26876

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