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Publication DAfStb-Heft 615 2019-09

Commentary to EN 1992-4 - Design for Fastenings for use in Concrete

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About this product

The information in DAfStb-Heft 615 aims to simplify the practice, understanding and application of EN-1992-4 using explanatory notes and the presentation of scientific background. The first part contains commentary to the content of the standard, advice on deriving information from certain provisions, supplementary rules of application and several design examples. The second part covers the technical reports referred to in the standard. The information in the first and second parts of this manual was compiled by the DAfStb's technical subcommittee "Fastening Technology" and adopted by way of a consensus procedure similar to that used for standards. This manual's third part contains contributions prepared by members of the subcommittee "Fastening Technology" on their own initiative. This contributions provide further explanatory notes to selected topics, mainly for cases of applications which are not covered within EN 1992-4.

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Product information
Publication date: 09.2019

1. Edition, 248 Pages, A4, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-65823-8 | Order number 65823

eBook 978-3-410-65824-5 | Order number 65824

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