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Munich and Austin: regional centers of sustainable innovation

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Language: German, English

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from  Lucia Athens, Brown-Wilson Barbara,  Dipl.-Ing.  Andreas Danler,  Billie Faircloth,  Prof.  Matt Fajkus,  Prof.  Michael Garrison,  Prof. Dr.  Thomas Hamacher,  Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Gerd Hauser,  Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Gerhard Hausladen,  Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Hermann Kaufmann,  Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Werner Lang,  Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Petra Liedl,  Elisabeth Merk,  Dr. Ph.D.  Scott Tinker,  Gail Vittori

Publisher Dr.-Ing. Petra Liedl

Publication date
1. Edition, 216 pages, 24,0×17,0 cm, Paper covers

Energy innovation by experts for experts:

This new bilingual German/English volume documents the ENERGY X CHANGE symposium held in Austin, Texas; a joint event sponsored by The University of Texas at Austin and the Technical University of Munich. This exciting book explores various topics relating to energy and sustainable building design from diverse perspectives.

For many years, the cities of Austin and Munich have served as incubators for policies and technologies that teach us valuable lessons about sustainable design and conservation. Through the use of effective measures and cutting-edge initiatives, both cities have effected significant and long-lasting changes in energy management while still maintaining their unique building traditions.

At the ENERGY X CHANGE symposium, experts from both cities (including policymakers, researchers and design experts) exchanged perspectives on energy and the built environment, addressing questions such as:

  • How did Munich and Austin become centers of energy innovation?
  • What are both cities doing to increase overall energy efficiency in the built environment?
  • Where is there room for improvement?

This book contains the contributions of 14 experts from Germany and the United States on energy and conservation in building design, addressing topics such as:

  • Urban development and architecture
  • Buildings and building envelopes
  • Lighting
  • Infrastructure
  • Materials and technology
  • Standards and legislation
  • Renewable energy
  • Costs
  • A look at specific projects

ISBN 978-3-410-24114-0 | Order number 24114
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