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Publication Beuth Pocket 2013-12

European Aluminium Materials

Comparison between EN and DIN

Hans-Werner Wenglorz
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Hans-Werner Wenglorz

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About this product

This handy publication compares the new designations with the old material grades, and now includes an introductory chapter on working with aluminium.

The transition from German national to European standards is now largely completed. While the focus of the first edition was on the direct conversion of designation systems and material conditions, the second edition has retained this comparative approach but also gives important guidance.

Why should I buy this publication?

European standardization has brought about major changes in the aluminium sector. In a relatively short period of time, national standards have been replaced by European standards, and the new European system of material grades has been introduced.

This second edition takes this into account by considering new aspects:

  • Converting former DIN material designations to the current DIN EN designations,  
  • Replacing previously used DIN materials by materials according to the DIN EN system (e.g. when resuming production),  
  • Finding the standard in which a particular material is or has been designated, 
  • Establishing the currency of a material with a certain designation, 
  • Detecting the importance of a hitherto unknown designation,  
  • Checking whether particular material designations are correct, 
  • Identifying standards for specific applications.

The volume now also includes a detailed introduction to the subject of aluminium.

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Product information
Publication date: 12.2013

2. revised and expanded Edition, 334 Pages, 21,0×10,5 cm, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-21368-0 | Order number 21368

eBook 978-3-410-21369-7 | Order number 21369

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