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Publication Beuth Practice 2011-11

The implementation of the Gaussian filter for Dimensional Metrology

Basics, algorithms and C code

Dr. Michael Krystek
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Dr. Michael Krystek

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About this product

This publication deals with the digital implementation of the Gaussian filter and the estimation of the occurring errors.

It suggests solutions for keeping these errors to a minimum, and also gives algorithms for the implementation of the Gaussian filter. 


  • Specification of the Gaussian filter
  • Implementation by discrete convolution
  • Using the discrete Fourier transformation
  • Truncation effects
  • Sampling effects
  • Notes concerning the implementation
  • Reference algorithms
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Product information
Publication date: 11.2011

1. Edition, 84 Pages, A5, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-22206-4 | Order number 22206

eBook 978-3-410-22208-8 | Order number 22208

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