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Publication Beuth Pocket 2016-11

US Steels

A comparison of US and European steel grades

Walter Tirler
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Walter Tirler

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About this product

The Beuth Pocket US Steels compares American steel grades with those in DIN and EN standards, and vice versa. It shows which materials from different systems are similar and thus suitable for use as alternatives. Now in its fourth edition, the guide has been considerably expanded and updated.

The mechanical properties of similar steel grades may differ, and alternative materials should be selected after checking the specific purpose for which they are intended to be used.

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Product information
Publication date: 11.2016

4. revised and expanded Edition, 782 Pages, 21,0×10,5 cm, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-26878-9 | Order number 26878

eBook 978-3-410-26879-6 | Order number 26879

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