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Publication Guide for purchasers and constructors 2011-03


Transition from DIN Standards to International (ISO) and European (EN) Standards

Johannes-Ferdinand Meier
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Johannes-Ferdinand Meier

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About this product

This practical overview helps manufacturers and buyers of fasteners to ensure they are working to current European and International Standards. Compiled in German and English, it facilitates communication in the international marketplace.

The bilingual (German/English) structure facilitates communication at international level.


International standardization has resulted in the width across flats for hexagon products for four thread sizes (M10, M12, M14 und M22) being changed from those specified in the former national DIN Standards. Extensive experiments with hexagon nuts showed that they were no longer suited to the loads exerted by modern tightening procedures.

The heights of the nuts therefore had to be increased from a ratio of 0,8 d as in DIN 934 to approximately 1 d. This meant that the proof loads, previously designated by DIN 267-4, could be increased in the new International Standard ISO 898-2.

These amendments were accepted by ISO and included in the relevant standards ISO 898 2 and ISO 898-6 and the corresponding product standards (e.g. ISO 4032).
A transitional period was agreed between manufacturers, suppliers and end-users, who were predominantly within the automobile industry.

Fasteners Overview of contents:

  • Valid and withdrawn DIN Standards listed by number with replacement and amendment details
  • Valid and withdrawn ISO and EN Standards listed by number with replacement and amendment details
  • Detailed comparisons of DIN and ISO
  • Validity and numbering of standards and designation of standardized articles – background information
  • Changes to technical delivery conditions and design
  • Special transition problems
  • Self-loosening of prestressed bolts
  • Further standards (informative)
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Product information
Publication date: 03.2011

3. completely revised and expanded Edition, 206 Pages, 21,0×10,5 cm, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-16702-0 | Order number 16702

eBook 978-3-410-20647-7 | Order number 20647

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