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Combined Standards Flat Rate: VDI 10 and DIN 10

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About this product

The VDI 10 and DIN 10 Standards Flat Rate now gives companies and organizations the opportunity to purchase DIN Standards and VDI Standards as a package at an attractive fixed price.

How does it work?

  • With the 10/10 Combined Flat Rate you can order 10 DIN Standards and 10 VDI Standards as PDF files within a 12 month period. The Flat Rate ends automatically after 12 months.
  • You will be invoiced once only instead of having to pay for each document separately.
  • With the Flat Rate service you not only choose the standards you need at a lower price, you also save on administration work.

Signing up for the Standards Flat Rate could not be easier:

  1. Order the Standards Flat Rate online.
  2. We will send you an e-mail with confirmation that your Flat Rate quota account is activated.
  3. Now you can download the documents of your choice directly from our web shop.

Please note:

  • The DIN Standards 10 Flat Rate only applies to DIN, DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO, DIN IEC and DIN ETS documents that can be downloaded. The offer does not include DIN Standards with a VDE or DKE classification and DIN SPEC documents.
  • The VDI Standards 10 Flat Rate only applies to VDI documents that can be downloaded. The offer does not include VDI Manuals.
  • The offer can only be used in combination.
  • You can order the Flat Rate online and in PDF format only.
  • Only standards that have already been published (i. e. that are available for delivery) are included in the Standards Flat Rate service. Standards available for pre-order (i. e. standards that have not yet been published) cannot be added to the Standards Flat Rate account.
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