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Publication 2012

SAE R-422 Composite Materials Handbook Volume 1 (e-book)

Polymer Matrix Composites - Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials

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About this product

The Composite Materials Handbook, referred to by industry groups as CMH-17, is a six-volume engineering reference tool that contains over 1,000 records of the latest test data for polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix, and structural sandwich composites. CMH-17 provides information and guidance necessary to design and fabricate end items from composite materials. It includes properties of composite materials that meet specific data requirements as well as guidelines for design, analysis, material selection, manufacturing, quality control, and repair. Volume 1 contains guidelines for determining the properties of polymer matrix composite material systems and their constituents, as well as the properties of generic structural elements, including test planning, test matrices, sampling, conditioning, test procedure selection, data reporting, data reduction, statistical analysis, and other related topics. Special attention is given to the statistical treatment and analysis of data. Volume 1 contains guidelines for general development of material characterization data as well as specific requirements for publication of material data in CMH-17.

Product information
Publication date: 01.2012

719 Pages, eBook

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