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Publication 2005

SPC - Statistical Process Control

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About this product

"Quality System Requirements - QS-9000" is the result of the work of a joint action group established by the US automotive manufacturers Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. This technical rule is based on the standard ISO 9001, but has been expanded to cover the specific requirements of the automotive industry. The aim of QS-9000 is to permit the development of quality management systems in which continuous improvement is ensured, error avoidance encouraged and process capability in the value added chain enhanced. This manual represents the SPC methods commonly agreed upon by DaimlerChrysler, Ford, and General Motors. It is a combination and consolidation of the SPC requirements of the three companies. Statistical Process Control is used to measure the effectiveness of the equipment used in the manufacturing process. Adjustments can be made as defects in the processes are discovered rather than after they come out of the manufacturing process. This process will ensure that quality parts are being produced and help eliminate waste in the manufacturing environment.

Product information
Publication date: 01.2005

2. Edition, 222 Pages, A4, Paper covers

Order number 19104

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