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Publication Beuth Pocket 2016-12

Language learning services outside formal education


Dr. Holger Mühlbauer
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Dr. Holger Mühlbauer

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About this product

This bilingual (German/English) publication Language learning services outside formal education gives an overview of the content of the standard and offers guidance for those wishing to compare what's on the market.

Learning a language opens up new horizons, whether it´s for your international business dealings, a way to access other cultures or enhance your social life, or simply a hobby for your own enjoyment. Of the courses on offer outside of formal education, the ones offering language skills are among those most in demand. There are a huge number of different types of provider on the market; the differences in the quality of their services are just as great.

Quality standards are necessary to provide a positive and successful learning experience, and also to make sure that the cost of learning a language, which can often be considerable, is worth it. The most important requirements language service providers have to meet are given in the International Standard ISO 29991.

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Publication date:: 12.2016

1. Edition, 54 Pages, 21,0×10,0 cm, Sewn

ISBN 978-3-410-27150-5 | Order number 27150

eBook 978-3-410-27160-4 | Order number 27160

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  • Dr. Holger Mühlbauer
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