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The BIM-Manager [Pre-order]

Practical guidance for BIM project management

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from Mark Baldwin

Publisher man & machine

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1. Edition, 24,0×17,0 cm, Hard cover

The focus is on the BIM-Manager who is developing the basis for a general understanding for the management and success of BIM projects. The manager therefore assumes an important function and responsibility for efficient, sustainable, holistic and accurate project development.

The book deals with all important definitions, methods, technologies, project requirements and responsibilities related to BIM. It establishes the most significant principles for successful implementation of BIM, based on the author’s more than ten years of BIM experience, numerous project examples and many helpful suggestions for practical use. Complex topics are explained simply; myths and false statements are corrected, and prejudices surrounding BIM are reduced.

The reader will gain a wide BIM basic knowledge about leading international initiatives, important technologies, standards and working methods for open and collaborative BIM. He/she will understand the parameters for implementation and will develop an understanding for the necessary processes when introducing BIM. The reader can use the newly gained knowledge to plan and manage a BIM project, as well as to develop and define BIM strategies.

Many interviews with important players, such as Herzog & deMeuron or Richard Petrie, will enrich the reading and learning experience.

ISBN 978-3-410-26821-5 | Order number 26821
E-Book 978-3-410-26822-2 | Order number 26822

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