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Publication 2017-06

VOB 2016 in English

German Construction Contract Procedures: Parts A, B and C - Translations of all VOB 2016 standards


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About this product

English translations of all documents (Part A, B and C) making up the VOB 2016 are available in a single volume.

VOB (German: "Vergabe- und Vertragsordnung für Bauleistungen") is the standard reference work for the construction industry with an influence extending far beyond Germany. It is the basis for all public construction contract and procurement procedures in Germany and is used for most private construction projects of substantial volume.

The VOB is divided into 3 sections:

  • VOB/A (DIN 1960) governs the awarding of construction contracts
  • VOB/B (DIN 1961) sets out the conditions of contract relating to the execution of construction work
  • VOB/C describes good building practice for the many trades making up the construction sector, comprising 65 standards under the general title "General technical specifications in contract contracts (ATV)", each standard dealing with different aspects of construction, both over- and underground:
    earthworks; drilling, borehole sinking; timbering to trenchwork; piling; groundwater lowering; underground drainage; pressure pipework; land drainage and infiltration management; ground treatment by grouting; dredging; underground construction work; diaphragm walling; sprayed concreting; road construction; trenchless pipelaying; landscape work; jet grouting; underground cable laying; clearing of unexploded ordnance; horizontal directional drilling; track work; renovation work on drainage channels; road safety management; masonry work; concreting; natural stone and cast stone work; carpentry; steel construction; waterproofing; roofing; sheet metal work; dry lining and partitioning; ETICS; concrete repair; plastering and rendering; back-ventilated curtain walling; tiling; laying of screed; asphalt flooring; joinery; laying of parquet and wood block flooring; mounting of door and window hardware; roller shutter work; metalwork; glazing; painting and coating; corrosion protection of steel; flooring work; decorative coverings; installation of air conditioning systems; central heating systems and hot water supply systems; installation of gas, water and drainage pipework; electrical supply systems; lightning protection systems; installation of lifts, escalators, etc.; building automation and control systems; service installations; scaffolding; demolition work.

Information that is essential for architects, engineers, the trades, construction companies, building authorities and manufacturers of construction materials and components.

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Publication date:: 06.2017

1. Edition, 1,224 Pages, A5, Hard cover

ISBN 978-3-410-26851-2 | Order number 26851

eBook 978-3-410-27678-4 | Order number 27678

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