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DIN 18014 – Foundation earth electrode

Foundation earth electrode - Planning, execution and documentation

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Fundamenterder - Planung, Ausführung und Dokumentation
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About this product

DIN 18014 applies to the design and construction of foundation earth electrodes, including their installation in existing buildings.

Their installation is required in order to comply with DIN VDE 0100-540 (VDE 0100-540) “Low-voltage electrical installations – Selection and erection of electrical equipment – Earthing arrangements and protective conductors“, DIN 18015-1 “Electrical installations in residential buildings – Part 1: Planning principles“, and the electricity suppliers' “Technische Anschlussbedingungen für den Anschluss an das Niederspannungsnetz“ (TAB) setting out the prerequisites for connection to the low-voltage network.

The foundation/ring earth electrodes are designed for:

  • earthing of systems involving protective equipotential bonding via the main earthing busbar, as specified in DIN VDE 0100-540 (VDE-0100-540);
  • functional equipotential bonding and functional earthing;
  • potential grading in buildings, as specified in DIN VDE 0100-444 (VDE 0100-444) and DIN EN 50310 (VDE 0800-2-310);
  • earthing of lightning protection and overvoltage protection systems.

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