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DIN 18302:2015-08

German construction contract procedures (VOB) - Part C: General technical specifications in construction contracts (ATV) - Borehole sinking operations

German title
VOB Vergabe- und Vertragsordnung für Bauleistungen - Teil C: Allgemeine Technische Vertragsbedingungen für Bauleistungen (ATV) - Arbeiten zum Ausbau von Bohrungen
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 Attention: Document withdrawn!

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ATV DIN 18302 "Borehole sinking operations" has been editorially revised by the German Committee for Construction Contract Procedures (DVA). Clause 5 "Settlement of accounts" has been restructured. It is applicable for boreholes sinking operations - on wells - for water catchment and initiation of water, - water table drawdown, - drainage and - degassing, - on groundwater observation wells, - for geotechnical measurements, - for use of geothermal power as well as - for installation of anodes. It also comprises the maintenance, repair and dismantling of boreholes built by sinking operations.


Replaces DIN 18302:2012-09 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN 18302:2016-09 , DIN 18302:2019-09 .

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