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Standard [WITHDRAWN]

DIN 50986:2015-03

Paints and varnishes - Determination of dry-film thickness using the wedge-cut method (scribe and drill method)

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Beschichtungsstoffe - Bestimmung der Trockenschichtdicke mit dem Keilschnittverfahren (Ritz- und Bohrmethode)
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This standard specifies a destructive method for determination of the dry film thickness, in which damage to the coat caused in a definite manner is evaluated microscopically. The method is suitable for almost all coat-substrate combinations and also allows determination of the single film thicknesses of coating systems. The method cannot be applied or can only be applied with restrictions in case of - too soft and/or elastic coatings (no recognizable scribe or drill hole can be observed), - hard (cannot be scribed/drilled) or too soft and/or elastic substrates, - too low visual contrast between the coating and substrate, and - film thicknesses that are larger than the depth of field of the measuring microscope.


Replaces DIN 50986:1979-03 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN ISO 19399:2018-02 .

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