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Standard Standard of the month May 2017 2016-01

DIN 51605:2016-01

Fuels for vegetable oil compatible combustion engines - Fuel from rapeseed oil - Requirements and test methods

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Kraftstoffe für pflanzenöltaugliche Motoren - Rapsölkraftstoff - Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren
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About this product

This standard DIN 51605:2016-01 specifies the properties of rapeseed oil to enable its trouble-free use in vegetable oil-compatible combustion engines and its compliance with the legal requirements on emissions. It also contains methods for testing these properties.

Improvements vis-à-vis its predecessor, issued in 2010, include making reference to an alternative standard for determining the kinematic viscosity, specifying the standards according to which the iodine value and acid values are to be determined, and adding two new informative annexes for classifying the cold start capability and calculating fuel properties on the basis of structural parameters.

An English translation of DIN 51623:2015-12, a sister document specifying properties of other vegetable oils and blends of other vegetable oils for use as fuel, is also in preparation.

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