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Standard 2012-05

DIN 56950-1:2012-05

Entertainment technology - Machinery installations - Part 1: Safety requirements and inspections

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Veranstaltungstechnik - Maschinentechnische Einrichtungen - Teil 1: Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen und Prüfung
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About this product

This standard applies to mechanical equipment in places of assembly as well as in events and production for theatrical representation.

About this standard

The purpose of the standard is to ensure a consistent level of safety as regards the planning, construction, design, maintenance and inspection of machinery installations for use in staging and production facilities in the entertainment industry. It applies to machinery and machinery installations used in locations such as theatres, multi-purpose halls, exhibition halls, film, television and radio studios, facilities in concert halls, schools, bars, discotheques, open-air stages, and the like. 

The technical installations and equipment used for operations in stage and production facilities in the entertainment industry as dealt with in this standard include those used to lift, lower, suspend and carry loads (e. g. scenery, traverse systems, or lighting, film/video and sound equipment). The standard also applies to safety-related equipment used to protect against imminent hazards, such as smoke extractors and safety curtains, and also to machinery installations based on new technologies or specially designed installations which operate in an identical manner to the equipment listed above. 

This standard also deals with the information to be exchanged by the manufacturer and user, thus providing verifiable criteria for tendering procedures and for the inspection of machinery installations. 

The background 

The standard fills a gap by covering not only staging and production machinery dealt with in the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) but also machinery that the directive does not cover. In Germany the directive is implemented by the 9th Ordinance of the German Product Safety Act (Machinery Ordinance — 9th ProdSV).  The directive excludes what it expresses as “machinery intended to move performers during artistic performances”. However, such machinery is not only used to “move performers during artistic performances”, but also to move or hold loads over persons, and to move or hold the persons themselves, not only during “artistic performances”, but also during stage construction, setting up scenery, and rehearsals. 

What has changed since the 2005 edition?

  • The standard is now Part 1 of a series on machinery installations for entertainment technology.
  • It has been brought in line with CWA 15902-1 “Lifting and load-bearing equipment for stages and other production areas within the entertainment industry — General requirements (excluding aluminium and steel trusses and towers)“.
  • Annexes giving information on visual and functional checks, and on performance levels, are now included.

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