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Standard Standard of the month January 2017 2016-04

DIN 7500-2:2016-04

Thread rolling screws for ISO metric thread - Part 2: Guideline values for hole diameters

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Gewindefurchende Schrauben für metrisches ISO-Gewinde - Teil 2: Richtwerte für Lochdurchmesser
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About this product

DIN 7500-2:2016-04 specifies guideline values for hole diameters of thread rolling screws complying with DIN 7500-1 „Thread rolling screws for ISO metric thread – Technical delivery conditions for case hardened and tempered screws“ and DIN 267-30 „Fasteners – Technical specifications – Metric thread rolling screws of property class 10.9“. These hole diameters are the result of practical tests carried out by manufacturers and users. The values, assigned to various materials and lengths of engagement, are intended for guidance.

For thread rolling screws according to DIN 267-30, the hole diameters only apply to screws made from aluminium materials. As there is a wide variety of designs of thread rolling screws where the rolling area is defined only in terms of the maximum length in DIN 7500-1 and DIN 267-30, internal checking of the specified hole diameters is advisable, particularly in mass production. If the hole-making process (e. g. punching) causes an increase in the hardness of the hole wall, larger hole diameters than those given in this standard may be required. This can also apply to cast holes. This standard does not apply to holes with particular shapes, e. g. triangular, octagonal.

This standard is the first revision since December 1984. The main changes are the deletion of specifications for copper materials , the deletion of engagement lengths of 2,2 mm, 3,2 mm and the range from 0,8 mm to 1,8 mm, and the extension of the range of engagement lengths up to 30 mm.

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