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DIN 8074:2011-12

Title (German) Rohre aus Polyethylen (PE) - PE 80, PE 100 - Maße; Text Deutsch und Englisch

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Language: German, English

Title (English) Polyethylene (PE) - Pipes PE 80, PE 100 - Dimensions; Text in German and English

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-12


This standard specifies dimensions for pipes made of polyethylene (PE). It is directed at manufacturers and users of PE pressure pipes. It is intended to provide the user with a basic standard which includes the dimensions for pressure pipes made of polyethylene (PE). In particular, the standard covers aspects of quality. With this standard (DIN 8074) the public is simultaneously provided with the revised standard DIN 8075, which specifies the general quality requirements and tests for these pipes. The committee responsible for DIN 8074 is NA 054-05-01 AA "Außendurchmesser und Betriebsdrücke" ("Basic geometrical characteristics of thermoplastic pipes") at DIN.

Original language German, English

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