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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2011-12

DIN 96146:2011-12

Medical instruments - Retractors type Brunner

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Medizinische Instrumente - Wundhaken nach Brunner
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 Attention: Document withdrawn!

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Since the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (BWB) (German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement) primarily uses appropriate civilian standards (DIN-/EN- or ISO-standards) for the procurement of medical instruments, the present documents have been completely revised in the course of transferring VG standards into the German body of standards. These standards are product standards which have been adapted to the new design rules and into which the test according to DIN 58298 "Medical instruments - Materials, finish and testing" has been incorporated. Furthermore, dimensions have been changed, if necessary, in order to save raw materials, for example, by using existing blank forgings for certain product groups. Furthermore, notes on designation and packaging have been added. The standards are directed at manufacturers, users and purchasers of surgical instruments and steel manufacturers. The committee responsible for these standards is NA 027-02-01 AA "Chirurgische Instrumente" ("Surgical instruments") at DIN.


This document has been replaced by:: DIN 96146:2017-11 .

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