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Standard [WITHDRAWN]

DIN EN 12503-4:2013-11

Sports mats - Part 4: Determination of shock absorption; German version EN 12503-4:2013

German title
Sportmatten - Teil 4: Bestimmung der Dämpfungseigenschaften; Deutsche Fassung EN 12503-4:2013
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This European Standard specifies a test method for the determination of shock absorption characteristics of sports mats types 1 to 8 (see EN 12503-1:2001), 9 to 11 (see EN 12503-2:2001) and 12 (see EN 12503-3:2001). This document has been prepared by CEN/TC 136 "Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment" (secretariat: DIN, Germany). The responsible German working committee is NA 112-01-02 AA "Turngeräte, Matten und Spielfeldgeräte" ("Gymnastic equipment, mats and playing field equipment") at DIN. In relation to EN 12503-4:2001-07 the following changes have been made: a) clause 5 "Test piece" has been amended. b) The document has been editorially revised.


Replaces DIN EN 12503-4:2001-07 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN 12503-4:2016-09 .

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