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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2014-06

DIN EN 16392-2:2014-06

Non-destructive testing - Characterisation and verification of ultrasonic phased array equipment - Part 2: Probes; German version EN 16392-2:2014

German title
Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung - Charakterisierung und Verifizierung der Ultraschall-Prüfausrüstung mit phasengesteuerten Arrays - Teil 2: Prüfköpfe; Deutsche Fassung EN 16392-2:2014
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This document (EN 16392-2:2014) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 138 "Non-destructive testing", the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR (France). The responsible German body is Working Committee NA 062-08-23 AA "Ultraschallprüfung" ("Ultrasonic testing") of the DIN Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP). This documents applies for non-destructive testing with ultrasound using linear probes with phased element configuration (phased array probes) which are intended for the contact technique (with or without wedge) or immersion technique and which use centre frequencies between 0,5 MHz and 10 MHz. This document specifies end-of-line tests on phased array probes the results of which are used to characterise the probes. It defines both methodology and acceptance criteria. It should be considered that the stated acceptance criteria are only applicable under the conditions specified for the probe under consideration. The methods and acceptance criteria described in this document are not applicable for the characterisation of the performance of combined phased array systems.


This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN ISO 18563-2:2017-12 .

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