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Standard of the month December 2017

DIN EN 1982:2017-11

Title (German) Kupfer und Kupferlegierungen - Blockmetalle und Gussstücke; Deutsche Fassung EN 1982:2017

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Language: German
Redline incl. Original: German
translation: English

About this standard

The standard specifies the composition, mechanical properties and other relevant characteristics of copper and copper alloys. It also sets out the sampling procedures and test methods for verification of conformity to the requirements of this standard.

It is applicable to:
a) copper alloy ingots intended to be remelted for later processing (e.g. castings); and
b) copper and copper alloy castings which are intended for use without subsequent working other than machining.

An annex describes the recommended practice for ordering and supply of castings, while a further annex sets out optional supplementary inspection procedures for ingots and castings where a more rigorous inspection is required by the purchaser. Information relating to the conformance of permitted copper and copper alloys used in castings to the New Approach Pressure Equipment Directive is also included.

The information in this standard is essential for foundries and purchasers of copper, whether in the form of ingots or castings.

The most important changes

  • new materials have been included: CB773S and CC773S, CB757S and CC757S, CB768S and CC768S, CB770S and CC7700S, CB771S and CC771S, CB772S and CC772S, CB245E and CC245E and CB246E and CC246E;
  • additional information concerning materials that can be used for products in contact with drinking water has been included;
  • information on chemical compositions and mechanical properties has been restructured;
  • a clear distinction is made between ingots and castings in connection with pressure equipment applications.

Title (English) Copper and copper alloys - Ingots and castings; German version EN 1982:2017

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2017-11

Original language German

Document: References


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