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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2010-12

DIN EN 1993-4-3:2010-12

Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 4-3: Pipelines; German version EN 1993-4-3:2007 + AC:2009

German title
Eurocode 3: Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbauten - Teil 4-3: Rohrleitungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 1993-4-3:2007 + AC:2009
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 Attention: Document withdrawn!

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CEN/TC 250 decided in 2008 that no revision of the Eurocodes shall be carried out at least until March 2013. Necessary amendments and corrigenda of the Eurocodes may be published until March 2013. This decision led to a large number of amendments and corrigenda, which were mostly published as separate documents. For better organization and applicability of these documents, the DIN prepares consolidated versions as new versions for all parts of the Eurocode affected by this. These documents then contain the current amendments and corrigenda. In this context, the mentions of replacement on the Eurocodes are also supplemented accordingly. A new edition is also published, even if only the superseding note is to be supplemented. DIN EN 1993-4-3 specifies rules for the design of cylindrical steel pipelines intended for the transport of liquids, gases or mixtures of liquids and gases at ambient temperatures, which are not dealt with in other European Standards covering particular applications. European Corrigendum EN 1993-4-3:2007/AC:2009 has been incorporated into this new edition. The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-08-16 AA "Tragwerksbemessung (Sp CEN/TC 250/SC 3)" ("Design of structures (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 250/SC 3)") at DIN.


Replaces DIN EN 1993-4-3 Berichtigung 1:2009-09 .

Corrected edition: Corrected document: Customers who purchased the previous edition DIN EN 1993-4-3:2007-07 received free of charge

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