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Standard [CURRENT] Standard of the month September 2017

DIN EN 228:2017-08

Automotive fuels - Unleaded petrol - Requirements and test methods; German version EN 228:2012+A1:2017

German title
Kraftstoffe - Unverbleite Ottokraftstoffe - Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 228:2012+A1:2017
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About this product

DIN EN 228 describes the most important types of unleaded petrol. It specifies the minimum requirements they are to meet and describes the relevant test methods. Aspects dealt with include sampling, pump marking, bio-components, dyes and markers, and additives. As well as generally applicable requirements, the standard also includes requirements that are climate-dependent.

The document contains significant changes following amendment 2009/30/EC [3], 2011/63/EU [4] and 2014/77/EU [11] to the European Fuels Quality Directive 98/70/EC [1]:

  • Specific requirements concerning the limitation of use of methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) as required by the EC have been incorporated.
  • As the introduction of 10 % (V/V) of ethanol in unleaded petrol has an impact on refinery and blending processes, an update of the distillation characteristics has been considered and a new table with slightly adapted volatility classes (E70, E100 and VLI) introduced. Separate tables are included on unleaded petrol grade for older vehicles that are not warranted to use unleaded petrol with a high biofuel content.
  • Further clarification on how to determine the vapour pressure waiver for unleaded petrol containing ethanol, allowed on the market under exemption circumstances, is given in Annex A.
  • Several new or revised test methods have been introduced. The European Fuels Directive 98/70/EC, including its Amendments refers to test methods in EN 228:2004, with the requirement that updated analytical methods shall be shown to give at least the same accuracy and at least the same precision as the methods they replace.
  • The allowance for 50 mg/kg sulfur content has been removed.
  • The marking at the pump of this product is in line with the requirements of the Fuels Quality Directive and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive.

The German National Annex included in the standard sets out additional requirements specific to Germany relating to sampling, marking of petrol pumps according to the Ordinance on the quality and marking of fuels (BlmSchV 10), the knock characteristics of “super plus” unleaded petrol, and volatility.


Replaces DIN EN 228:2014-10 .

This document has been corrected by: DIN EN 228 Berichtigung 1:2020-08 .

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