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Standard [WITHDRAWN]

DIN EN 378-4:2012-08

Refrigerating systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements - Part 4: Operation, maintenance, repair and recovey; German version EN 378-4:2008+A1:2012

German title
Kälteanlagen und Wärmepumpen - Sicherheitstechnische und umweltrelevante Anforderungen - Teil 4: Betrieb, Instandhaltung, Instandsetzung und Rückgewinnung; Deutsche Fassung EN 378-4:2008+A1:2012
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This standard differs from DIN EN 378-4:2008-06 and DIN EN 378-4 Corrigendum 1:2010-01 as follows: a) normative references have been modified; b) 5.4 "Change of refrigerant type" has been modified; c) Corrigendum has been incorporated. This document has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 182 "Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements", the secretariat of which is held by DIN, Germany. Regarding the German collaboration the responsible committee is Working Committee NA 044-00-01 AA "Sicherheit und Umweltschutz" ("Safety and environment protection") of the Refrigeration Technology Standards Committee (FNKä).


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