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DIN EN 62561-1:2013-02; VDE 0185-561-1:2013-02 PLEASE NOTE: DOCUMENT WITHDRAWN

Title (German) Blitzschutzsystembauteile (LPSC) - Teil 1: Anforderungen an Verbindungsbauteile (IEC 62561-1:2012, modifiziert); Deutsche Fassung EN 62561-1:2012

Language: German *

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Title (English) Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC) - Part 1: Requirements for connection components (IEC 62561-1:2012, modified); German version EN 62561-1:2012

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2013-02


The DIN EN 62561 standard series deals with the requirements and tests for lightning protection system components (LPSC) used for the installation of a lightning protection system designed and implemented according to DIN EN 62305. These include metallic connection components, air termination systems, down conductors, and metallic earth electrodes, as well as isolating spark gaps and conductor fasteners. Additional parts of the standard series deal with earth electrode inspection housings and earth electrode seals, devices intended to count the number of lightning strike pulses flowing in a conductor as well as earthing enhancing chemical compounds. All parts of the European standard series EN 50164 have been completely adopted into the work program at IEC due to the fact that these have already been applied in Europe since 2000. Part 1 of EN 62561 deals with the requirements and tests for metallic connection components used for the installation of a lightning protection system (LPS) designed and implemented according to the IEC 62305 standard series. These lightning protection system components (LPSC) typically include connectors, bonding and bridging components, expansion pieces and test joints. Testing of components for an explosive atmosphere is not covered by this standard. The responsible committee is K 251 "Blitzschutzanlagen und Blitzschutzbauteile" ("Lightning protection installations and lightning protection components") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

Original language German

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