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Title (German) Sicherheit von Spielzeug - Teil 8: Aktivitätsspielzeug für den häuslichen Gebrauch; Deutsche Fassung EN 71-8:2011

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Title (English) Safety of toys - Part 8: Activity toys for domestic use; German version EN 71-8:2011

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-11


This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for activity toys for domestic use often attached to or incorporating a crossbeam, and similar toys intended for children under 14 years to play on or in and often intended to bear the mass of one or more children. This European Standard also specifies requirements for: - separately sold accessories for, and components of activity toys; - separately sold swing elements that are ready for use on or in combination with an activity toy; - construction packages for activity toys including components used to build activity toys according to a scheduled building instruction. The European Standard has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 52 "Safety of toys", the secretariat of which is held by DS (Denmark). The responsible German mirror committee is Working Committee NA 095-05-01 AA "Sicherheit von Spielzeug" ("Safety of toys") of the Safety Design Principles Standards Committee (NASG) at DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V.

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