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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2013-06

DIN EN ISO 12217-1:2013-06

Small craft - Stability and buoyancy assessment and categorization - Part 1: Non-sailing boats of hull length greater than or equal to 6 m (ISO 12217-1:2013); German version EN ISO 12217-1:2013

German title
Kleine Wasserfahrzeuge - Stabilitäts- und Auftriebsbewertung und Kategorisierung - Teil 1: Nicht-Segelboote ab 6 m Rumpflänge (ISO 12217-1:2013); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 12217-1:2013
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This standard has been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association to provide one means of conforming to Essential Requirements of the New Approach Directive 94/25/EC on recreational craft as amended by Directive 2003/44/EC. This standard defines relevant requirements of the aforementioned directive for recreational craft in Annex IA regarding: stability and freeboard, flooding, maximum recommended load, number of persons, buoyancy and flotation and owner's manual. DIN EN ISO 12217-1 specifies methods for evaluation of transverse stability and buoyancy of small watercraft. With this planning and calculation standard boats can be assigned to a design category A, B, C or D according to their transverse stability and buoyancy characteristics. The design categories are defined in the aforementioned Directive on recreational craft. DIN EN ISO 12217-1 is principally applicable to boats propelled by human or mechanical power of 6 m up to 24 m hull length. However, it can also be applied to boats of under 6 m if they do not attain the desired design category specified in Part 3 of DIN EN ISO 12217, but are decked and have quick-draining recesses which comply with DIN EN ISO 11812. This standard supports the manufacturer/designer of small watercraft by showing which requirements shall be specified for a boat for a certain category. In addition the standard helps with the preparation of the technical documentation required by the Directive. It provides manufacturers and purchasers of craft with legal security by the highest presumption of conformity with regard to the relevant part of the legal requirements. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 132-08-01-22 AK "ISO/TC 188/WG 22 Stabilität" ("ISO/TC 188/WG 22 Stability") at DIN.


Replaces DIN EN ISO 12217-1:2009-11 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN ISO 12217-1:2016-08 .

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