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Standard [WITHDRAWN]

DIN EN ISO 23125:2012-07

Machine tools - Safety - Turning machines (ISO 23125:2010 + Amd. 1:2012); German version EN ISO 23125:2010 + A1:2012

German title
Werkzeugmaschinen - Sicherheit - Drehmaschinen (ISO 23125:2010 + Amd. 1:2012); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 23125:2010 + A1:2012
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This Type C standard contains safety requirements. It contains the German version of EN ISO 23125:2010 which has been prepared by ISO/TC 39/SC 10 and Technical Committee CEN/TC 143 "Machine tools - Safety" (secretariat: SNV (Switzerland)) at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in connection with the amendment of the EU Machinery Directive. The national interests during the preparation of the standard were presented by Working Committee "Drehmaschinen - Sicherheit" ("Turning machines - Safety") (NA 122-00-03-01 UA) of the Machine Tools Standards Committee (NWM) at DIN. This European Standard defines relevant requirements set out in Annex I of the new EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, relating to machine tools placed on the EEA market for the first time, with the intent of simplifying the means of proving conformity with such requirements. Once this standard is designated a harmonized standard in the Official Journal of the European Communities, a manufacturer applying this standard may assume compliance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive. This standard specifies the safety requirements and measures which shall be observed by persons which deal with the design, construction and supply (including installation and disassembly, provisions for transport and maintenance) of turning machines. This standard takes into account the intended use including the reasonably foreseeable misuse, maintenance, cleaning and setting processes. It specifies the access regulations for machining positions and for loading and unloading stations. It presumes access to the machine from all sides. It describes means for risk reduction both for operators as well as other persons at risk. This standard also applies for tool transportation equipment if they form an integral part of the machine. Hazards caused by other machining processes (for example, grinding, milling, forming, electro discharge machining (EDM), laser processing) are covered by other standards. This standard describes in Annex ZA that within the limits of the scope of this standard with the normative clauses of this standard of this standard the corresponding essential requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC (Machines). The following modifications have been made with respect to the previous standards DIN EN 12415:2000+A1:2002, DIN EN 12478:2001, DIN EN 12840:2001 and DIN EN 13788:2002: the four aforementioned European Standards have been compiled to an EN ISO standard and have been updated to be in line with safety standards. The most important technical supplement in the 1st Amendment is the alternative use of the "safety categories" specified in EN 954-1:1996, resistance to faults and the subsequent behaviour in fault conditions together with the "performance level" defined in ISO 13849-1:2006 in terms of probability of dangerous failure per hour. The manufacturer must decide in favour of one of the two reference standards for every machine. Due to the compilation and new structure of four known standards, the modifications are very extensive and it is not possible to display them in detail in this standard. Application: designers of machines.


Replaces DIN EN ISO 23125:2010-10 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN EN ISO 23125:2015-04 .

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