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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2010-07

DIN ISO 2285:2010-07

Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of tension set under constant elongation, and of tension set, elongation and creep under constant tensile load (ISO 2285:2007)

German title
Elastomere oder thermoplastische Elastomere - Bestimmung des Zugverformungsrestes unter konstanter Dehnung und des Zugverformungsrestes, der Dehnung und des Fließens unter konstanter Zugbelastung (ISO 2285:2007)
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 Attention: Document withdrawn!

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This International Standard specifies a number of methods for the determination of the dimensional changes in test pieces of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber during and after tensile loading for relatively short periods under constant elongation or constant loading. The constant-elongation test is intended to measure the ability of rubbers to retain their elastic properties after extension, at a standard laboratory temperature, to a specified strain which is maintained for a specified time at the same or at a specified higher temperature and then released at the test temperature or at the standard laboratory temperature. The constant-load test specifies a method for the determination of elongation, creep and tension set of rubbers subjected to a constant load at standard laboratory temperature. These test methods are intended to measure the elastic properties of rubber in the hardness range 20 IRHD to 94 IRHD. The creep measurement is not recommended for product design or the evaluation of low-creep materials. For these, reference should be made to ISO 8013. No agreement between the results of this test and those of ISO 8013 should be inferred. At DIN the Committee responsible for this standard is NA 062-04-34 AA "Prüfung der physikalischen Eigenschaften von Kautschuk und Elastomeren" ("Test procedures for physical properties of rubber").


Replaces DIN ISO 2285:2003-07 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN ISO 2285:2013-12 .

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