Beuth e-Norm
  • Browser-based software solution for managing and updating documents
  • Automated process through transparent standards management
  • Customized metadata packages according to your needs
  • High-performance software with a wide array of useful functions
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Benefits at a glance

Create documents
Your own document fields, internal document icons and search options for internal company data.

Find documents
Customizable metadata amount, document identification, and individually adjustable search and results display.

Monitor documents
Marking of your own and assigned favourite lists and regular information on updates.

Request documents
Centralized order management, incl. managing requests, preventing duplicate orders and managing licences.

E-Norm functions in detail


SMEs up to large companies

Stamping function

Customized “on the fly” marking of opened documents. This can be configured to indicate information such as the current status of the document, superseding documents, any existing amendments, or transition periods.

Custom design

If you like, we can customize the user interface to fit your corporate design.

Full-text search

Optional search for the right file in your entire document collection.

Document history

An overview of document histories is provided.

Favourites catalogue and projects

A separate area for your personal favourites incl. a function to monitor changes to documents.


Import and manage your company standards and internal documents.

Standards monitoring

This ensures that your collection stays up-to-date.

Order management

You can order all the documents you need directly from the application. You get to decide who is permitted to place orders. A central admin checks each request and oversees the process. This prevents duplicate orders.

Managing document access rights

You can assign employees different user roles and types of authorization and rights. Set up rights for access to documents and metadata.

Multi-client capability

The system also supports decentralized order management so you can manage standards from different locations.

Supplier and customer integration

Set up restricted access for specific suppliers or customers to give them access to company standards or internal specifications via e-Norm.

Choice of languages

German, English or French? You get to select the language for your user interface.

WIPANO standardization funding for small and medium size enterprises:

You can save up to 10,000 EUR using standards management solutions

Through WIPANO (Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is supporting SMEs that actively participate in standardization bodies.

Who can apply for funding?

All companies that have a maximum of 1,000 employees at the time of application, do not exceed an annual turnover of EUR 100 million, and have their registered office, a permanent establishment or a branch in Germany, are eligible for funding under the “de minimis” regulation.

What is being funded?

Working with standards using the so-called LP 2 for standards searching and standards management (such as Perinorm, Standards Ticker, DIN-Mitteilungen) or the DITR data service with a maximum of 10,000 EUR. Projects will last no more than 36 months.

Important information

Within the last three years, the company must not have been active in national, European and international standardization bodies (e.g. DIN/ DKE, CEN/ CENELEC and ISO/ IEC). Applications are submitted via the electronic form system easy-Online. Under “BMWi” and “WIPANO” select the funding area “Normung - Unternehmen” (Standardization - Companies). Applications are being accepted until 30.06.2023.

These customers are already enjoying the benefits of Beuth standards management solutions

"We are extremely satisfied with Beuth Verlag's consultancy services. Beuth's 'Standards Ticker' is an excellent service for SMEs."

Dr F. Wiewecke, Consulting Engineer (Werkstoffprüflabor & Sachverständigenbüro Dr. Wiewecke)

Thanks to the support from the Beuth standards manager in particular, we have minimized our own workload, ensured the updating of our standards, and cut down on costs related to standards procurement.”

Ulrich Büttner, Head of Supply Chain & Quality Management (Toshiba Railway Europe GmbH)

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