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Standards Flat Rates

With the Standards Flat Rate you purchase the standards you need at a one-time low price while at the same time reducing administrative costs.

Our tip: Until 30 June 2020 we are also offering Standards Flat Rates DIN 10 and ISO 10 –­­­­­  for the low-cost purchase of 10 DIN or ISO Standards each. The ideal option if you work with a relatively small collection of standards.

Available Flat Rate packages:

  • Standards Flat Rate for DIN Standards
  • Standards Flat Rate for ISO Standards
  • Standards Flat Rate for VDI Standards
  • Standards Flat Rate for 10 VDI and 10 DIN Standards

Signing up for a Standards Flat Rate could not be easier:

1. Order Standards Flat Rate, whichever suits you best, online.

2. We will send you an e-mail with confirmation that your Flat Rate quota account is activated.

3. Now you can download the standards of your choice directly from our web shop.

Both options offer excellent value: Make a one-off payment of a fixed sum, regardless of the price of individual documents, and not only will you be able to acquire documents at an extremely competitive rate but you will also receive only one invoice, thus considerably lowering your administrative costs.

Please note:

  • Each Standards Flat Rate package is valid for 12 months. Within those 12 months you can select documents only from one collection (DIN or ISO or VDI).
  • Only standards that have already been published (i. e. that are available for delivery) are included in the Standards Flat Rate service. Standards available for pre-order (i. e. standards that have not yet been published) cannot be added to the Standards Flat Rate account.

Publication Standards Flat Rate

Standards Flatrate DIN 10
Offer only valid until 30 June 2020!

605.00 EUR VAT included

565.42 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Standards Flat Rate

Standard Flat Rate DIN 25

1330.00 EUR VAT included

1242.99 EUR VAT excluded

Publication FIXED PRICE Flat rate

Combined Standards Flat Rate: VDI 10 and DIN 10
Order online now

1210.00 EUR VAT included

1130.84 EUR VAT excluded

Standards Flat Rate: Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Beuth Verlag relating to the Standards Flat Rate service.

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