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Afnor standards collection

UTE standards now available for download

Starting immediately, over 7.000 electrotechnical (UTE) standards can be searched and ordered.

Thanks to the merging of AFNOR and UTE in 2014 we can now supply a greater range of AFNOR documents.

Customers can download the documents as PDFs directly onto their PC. Search our web shop to find the standards you need the easy way.

Useful hints:

  • You can refine your search by registering with myBeuth for free. You can also download documents.
  • Want to use the documents on more than one PC? Find out more about network licences from Beuth.
  • With our Standards Ticker you can not only buy standards: we will also regularly monitor them to check they are up-to-date. 


Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) is the French national organization for standardization. A member of both ISO and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), AFNOR unites the core activities standardization, certification, industry press and training under one roof.

AFNOR was founded in 1926 as a non-profit association (Association Loi 1901) of French companies. In 1939 a decree of the Ministry for Industry awarded AFNOR the exclusive right to issue «NF standards». In 1943 AFNOR was recognized as a registered association.