Test “Standardization Monitor” and save

With the Standardization Monitor, you always have the latest information on current standardization projects. Get a fast and clear overview by email.

How “Your benefits at a glance” works

Customized search
You select search terms to specify which standardization projects and topics you would like to receive information about. There are different packages to choose from to suit different needs: with 20, 40 or 60 search terms. Your search can be modified at any time over your personalized dashboard.

Monthly updates via email
We will send you one update email per month. This email includes easy-to-read information on the status of relevant standardization projects, on important deadlines (e.g. deadlines for comment periods) and a direct link to the responsible standards project or standards body.

Save valuable time!
Time-consuming and tedious searches for information on standardization projects and manuscript procedures will become a thing of the past. This will free up more time for other tasks, and you can be sure not to miss anything.

Gain a competitive advantage
With the Standardization Monitor you will be informed sooner than others. You will know exactly which standards are being developed in your sector. This ensures that you can get involved and contribute your knowledge to standards work.

How to activate Standardization Monitor

How to get started with Standardization Monitor

Go to the Beuth webshop and search for “Standardization Monitor”. Then click on “Register”. You will also find “Standardization Monitor” under the category “Standards Collections”.

Select a package

ow select a package that suits your needs: 20, 40 or 60 search terms. Then click on “Select search terms”.

Set up your search terms

Enter the search terms of your choice. You have the option to enter the search terms individually or combine them with a search term in the second field to further narrow your results.

Login/registration and purchase

Log on to the Beuth webshop with your user data and complete the purchase. Your Standardization Monitor has now been activated. If you still don’t have access, please register on the Beuth website.


  • No, you can add more search terms later.

  • Yes, you can specify both individual and combined search terms within your purchased package.

  • The list of suggestions is only intended as an aid. You can use your own desired search terms.

  • You can make changes to your search terms any time you like.

  • Yes, this is possible.

  • Yes, this is possible.

  • You receive a notification that shows how many search terms you have set up and how many are still available. And yes, in addition, you will be notified when you have used up all the search terms in your package. If you find that you need additional terms, you can always switch to a larger package with more search terms.

  • Yes, you can upgrade to a larger package at any time, also before your existing contract expires.

  • Once you have completed the ordering process and have received the order confirmation, you will receive the first email notification from Standardization Monitor.

  • Standardization Monitor takes into account all standardization projects at national, European and international level (DIN, CEN, ISO).

  • Simply use the search function to search for “Standardization Monitor”. This will take you quickly to Standardization Monitor. As a user of Standardization Monitor, you can also simply click on the "Standardization Monitor" button in the dashboard via your user profile.