VFF rules

The Verband Fenster + Fassade (VFF, en: Association of Window and Facade Manufacturers) publishes up-to-date and practical leaflets and member information related to windows, doors and curtain walls.

The topics are:

  • Energy efficiency, product features
  • Planning and legal issues
  • Material-specific topics
  • Maintenance and inspection

  • Thanks to the broad, cross-material structure of the Technical Committee and close cooperation with the Institute for Window Technology as well as the involvement of other institutes and organizations in the window industry, the rules have a very high level of acceptance. They provide comprehensive and compact information specifically tailored to windows, doors and curtain walls. Furthermore, they close gaps in standardization, and are thus regarded as a recognized rule of technology.

  • The Verband Fenster + Fassade includes nine committees and working groups. As a coordinating body, the VFF Technical Committee comprises an equal number of manufacturer representatives for all frame materials, representatives from various supply sectors and experts from relevant institutes and other industry associations, including planners and experts. It is divided into 35 project groups, which work together with the Technical Committee as required. The Technical Committee then makes the final decision.

  • The project groups that are currently active on a regular basis include: the expert committee “wood species list”, ventilation and air tightness, sustainability and hazardous substances, standardization work, and thermal insulation.

  • The Verband Fenster + Fassade has been representing the interests of around 400 manufacturers and processors of windows, facades and doors as well as their system and trade partners since 1979. In the field of standardization and technology, the VFF regularly participates with its members in research projects, most of which it also initiates itself. The VFF is involved in a total of more than 40 standardization groups. These include national, European and international standardization bodies.

VFF leaflets and guidelines

You will receive VFF publications on topics such as energy efficiency, product features, planning, legal issues, materials, maintenance and inspection. The leaflets are revised on a regular basis by competent experts in working groups.