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Technical rule

DIN CWA 16597:2013-08; DIN SPEC 91313:2013-08

Title (german) FishBizz Business Case - Für die Überwachung der Qualität und des Verkaufs von Fischprodukten; Englische Fassung CWA 16597:2013

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Language: English

Title (english): FishBizz Business Case - For monitoring of quality and sales of fish products; English version CWA 16597:2013

Document type: Technical rule

Publication date: 2013-08


This European CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16597:2013) has been prepared at CEN by the CEN Workshop "CEN/WS FishBizz Integration of standards for Traceability and Sale of Seafood Products", the secretariat of which is held by NEN (Netherlands). This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) specifies the data elements drawn from the work conducted under ISO/TC 234, current regulatory and industry requirements, and the profiling and extensions to the UN/CEFACT reusable aggregate XML schema module to support traceability and e-business requirements. The interoperable solution outlined in this CWA supports the critical traceability and e-business business processes, which are: 1. Advising the dispatch and receipt of products in accordance with the UN/CEFACT Business Requirement Specification for the Cross Industry Despatch and Receipt process (UN/CEFACT XML Despatch Advice). The UN/CEFACT XML Receipt Advice yet has to be defined by UN/CEFACT. 2. Initiating and responding to a traceability request in accordance with the GS1 Global Traceability Standard. The Trace Request document and the Trace Response Document are proposed new documents. They are used in the Request Trace business transaction to specify the trade item(s) for which a trace-back is requested and the trace-back information, respectively. There is currently a discussion with the UN/CEFACT Agriculture Program Development Area to submit these new document schemas to UN/CEFACT. 3. Notifying traceability is a newly defined business process in which instead of sending the traceability information in response to a Trace Request, this information is proactively sent as a notification. The recipient of this proactively sent information can be a third party (for instance a traceability service provider) that acts as a certified data trustee.

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