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Technical rule

DIN CWA 16667:2014-01; DIN SPEC 91316:2014-01

Title (German) Referenzarchitektur 2.0 für die Harmonisierung von eBusiness im Bereich Textilien/Kleidung und Schuhe; Englische Fassung CWA 16667:2013, nur auf CD-ROM

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Language: English

Title (English) Reference Architecture 2.0 for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors; English version CWA 16667:2013, only on CD-ROM

Document type: Technical rule

Publication date: 2014-01


This European CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16667:2013) has been prepared by CEN Workshop "eBusiness in the fashion industry, textile, clothing and footwear - eBIZ" at CEN, the secretariat of which is held by AENOR (Spain). The aim of this document is to offer a guideline of the updated Reference Architecture (RA) for the eBusiness harmonisation in the Textile Clothing and Footwear sectors. The eBIZ architecture aims to enable interoperability between existing systems and organisations. Achieving it will lower the threshold for starting eBusiness both for large enterprises and for medium and small actors in the supply chain and would also encourage technology suppliers to provide better support and services for eBusiness. It can be used as Reference Architecture both for new eBusiness implementations or by users needing to modify their existing systems or to achieve interoperability with others.

Original language English


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