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Standard of the Month April 2018

DIN SPEC 91347:2018-03

Title (german) Integrierter multifunktionaler Humble Lamppost (imHLa)

Language: German
Redline incl. Original: German
translation: English

DIN SPEC 91347:2018-03, Integrated multi-functional Humble Lamppost (imHLa)

The modestly named “humble” lamppost is actually very smart, and is certainly more than just a lamppost. The intelligent, low-emission LED-lighting unit is equipped with sensors that detect motion and register the ambient light conditions, adjusting the lighting intensity accordingly. It also has features such as Wi-Fi, a security camera and an EV-charging fixture for electric cars. The camera system can be used as an effective tool for increasing safety and improving traffic management by providing input for a smart parking system.

The European ‘Humble Lamppost’ initiative, part of the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities & Communities, aims to upgrade 10 million street lights across EU cities, and DIN SPEC 91346 plays a pivotal role. It defines terminology to standardize the language of this complex, interdisciplinary field. It aims to create systematic comparability, because the first basic products are already on the market. It also contains a classification for the modular structure of the imHLa which lists the necessary functional components for integrating subsystems and/or infrastructures such as those mentioned above, and makes recommendations for possible configurations.

The document can help planners select and design the digital infrastructure they require, and can assist decision-makers and purchasers in producing invitations to tender and specifications for the digitalization infrastructures. It provides a market definition for manufacturers and operators.

It also gives a concise overview of the current standards and specifications landscape relating to this topic.

Title (english): Integrated multi-functional Humble Lamppost (imHLa)

Document type: Technical rule

Publication date: 2018-03

Languages: German

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