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VDI 6002 Blatt 1:2014-03

Solar heating for potable water - Basic principles - System technology and application in residential buildings

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Solare Trinkwassererwärmung - Allgemeine Grundlagen - Systemtechnik und Anwendung im Wohnungsbau
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German, English

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Short description
This standard deals with solar-powered potable-water heating. It may be reasonable for technical as well as economic reasons to supply solar heat to a second consumer from a single collector area. This is the case, e.g., for room heating, room-air cooling, or swimming-pool heating for indoor pools. The standard focuses on solar systems for multi-family homes with collector surface areas of up to 20 sq m. However, the statements made can be applied by analogy to single-family and two-family homes. Where special considerations are required for such small systems, this is pointed out. In addition to planning and dimensioning critera, guidance is given regarding sytems technology and the selection of components and any particularities of solar technology.
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