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Use of BSI documents as a PDF Download

Important information about the provision and use of BSI documents as a PDF download:

For the procurement and download of PDF documents from BSI, the following conditions in particular apply:

Provision of electronic publications:

The procurement of a PDF document as a download entitles the purchaser to download the document once onto a single computer with a local hard drive (single user licence).

Documents available for download may not be copied or transferred to other computers.

Documents available for download may not be transferred to third parties, unless this occurs in line with the specifications contained in the section about restrictions on use.

Restriction on use

PDF documents provided as a download may not be resold.

Any transferring or sharing of downloaded documents is permitted only with the express, written permission of BSI.

Purchasers of downloaded documents are identified by a digital water mark on the document.

The PDF documents are protected by copyright law. The owner of all the rights is BSI.

The resale and licensing of these PDF documents, as well as their use in other contexts, are only permitted with express, written permission and having paid the appropriate licence fees.
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