Manage your standards!


These software solutions allow you to monitor your document collection yourself:

“Standards Ticker/compact” update service

  • Customized subscription to full texts of standards
  • Monthly information on status of collection
  • Covers collections of up to 1,000 documents
  • Especially attractive for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

More information on Standards Ticker/compact

Perinorm: For standards searching and standards management

  • International database
  • Information supplied directly by standards bodies
  • Management and alert functions
  • Can be combined with access to full texts
  • Especially attractive for medium and large companies

More information on Perinorm

e-Norm: Software for managing quality documentation and standards

  • Wide selection of management functions
  • Includes text management (e.g. stamping PDF documents)
  • With order and licence management functions
  • Optional access to external systems
  • Tailored to the needs of any size company

More information on eNORM

System requirements

  • All Beuth products and solutions are compatible with all commercially available computers and servers.
  • They run on all major operating systems, and commonly used browsers are supported.
  • Special system requirements may apply for certain product variations.
  •  In some cases there are special conditions for using the software.

Special software functions available

  • Adapting the user interface to your company's "corporate design"
  • Providing interfaces to other systems or databases
  • Covering internal ordering and cost allocation processes
  • Allowing for simultaneous licensing of documents
  • And many more