Manage your standards!

4 good reasons to get your standards collection in order

DIN Standards and other technical rules are important tools for companies of all sizes. These documents contain requirements for the quality and safety of all kinds of products and services. Anyone who has their standards collection in order has a clear advantage.

1. Standards management helps you make the most of the current state of the art.

Standards and other technical rules document the recognized state of the art. Of course, technology never stands still. Innovative procedures, improved processes, optimized test methods, and the need to adapt to international guidelines, all lead to continuous technological progress. At DIN alone, every month some

  • 500 standards are withdrawn
  • 100 standards are revised
  • 500 new standards are published..

The large number of of new and revised standards published each month should not be underestimated. Those who do not keep up with the current state of standardization can suffer the consequences by failing to meet contractual obligations or having problems with warranties.

Beuth's standards management solutions ensure you have the latest version of every standard and that all responsible departments in your company are kept up-to-date. One example is our Standards Ticker service.

2. Standards management helps you save time and money - and prevents duplication of work.

Thanks to our years of experience working with standards, we know how important standards management is, how to effectively integrate it into daily work processes, and how to save you, our customer, a large amount of work.

There are many advantages of standards management:

  • Lower your rate of errors
  • Avoid duplication of work
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Increase planning security
  • Ensure completeness of documentation

Let us help you concentrate on your work with the content of standards, and leave the work organizing the documents themselves to us - for example with our customized standards management solutions such as Standards Ticker/compact.

3. Standards management makes sure your collection is complete and up-to-date.

Our standards management team will supply you on a regular basis with detailed information regarding any updates to the standards and technical rules in your collections, and regarding any new publications which could be important for you.

This information will ensure that you and your company are kept up-to-date on standardization in your area. Our Alert Service allows you to:

  • tailor document collections to your company's needs
  • receive regular e-mails giving the current status of all standards in your collection and listing all new editions, withdrawals, etc.
  • have automatic delivery of new editions of the documents in your collection.

Check out our StandardsTicker/doc service, for example.

4. Standards management is essential for getting your quality system certified.

Standards are not only used to improve products and services, but also the running of a company itself. Quality management, e.g. in accordance with ISO 9001, helps improve a company’s internal processes, procedures and structures.

Normally, a quality system involves certification by external auditors who review conformity with the relevant standards of your company’s business processes – including the management of the standards you work with. A well-documented standards management system can be essential to the certification of your company.

With our standards management solutions you gain efficiency in terms of time and money, as well as transparency, effective internal communications, safety at the workplace, and a reliable customer service – not to mention customer trust through quality certification.

Choosing a Beuth standards management solution means choosing quality – for example with our special Perinorm database.