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Whether it’s the implementation of a software solution, the provision and digitalization of your standards or advice on net licences, you are in good hands with Beuth. The standards experts at Beuth have the tools and know-how to manage your standards effectively. What we can offer you: advice on research and licence issues, product demonstrations, trainings, provision of data and additional services dealing with standards management.


Research services

Verifying that standards are up-to-date
We will check to see if your documents are current and provide information on new editions and price. This service can be booked separately or as part of a package.

 On-site presentations
Are you planning to purchase a software solution to manage your standards? We can come to your place of business and personally introduce you to the various tools available.
Simple research on current documents
Researching standards and technical rules in our internal databases.

Specific research on content correlation
Do you need special information on documents or you are uncertain how to interpret text in a standard? Beuth is your “information broker”. Our standards experts can perform complex research tasks in our internal databases.
This specialized research requires expert knowledge on:

  • research techniques,
  • technical terminology,
  • normative and content-related correlation, including technical law, etc.

When needed, we can take advantage of our close ties with DIN and reach out to the experts within standards committees or other issuers of technical rules.


Consulting services

Advice on licences
We will determine the licensing conditions set by the issuer of technical rules for the standards collection you require, (see the list “Network licences from Beuth”) and how these conditions can be integrated into the framework of our standards management solutions.

Licence provision on the customer’s behalf
We negotiate network licences on your behalf for certain standards collections that are not included in the list “Network licences from Beuth”. The first step in this process involves researching the issuer of the standards and then procuring licences for documents and their updates, based on the customer’s requests and feasibility.

Purchasing documents

Procurement services
Standards and other technical rules from Germany and around the world can be procured for you by Beuth.


Presentations/Test accounts

Online presentations
We would be happy to present our software solutions to you in a web meeting. Employees working in different offices are able to take part in the presentation, which saves time and travel costs.

Test accounts (Standard/Individual)
The best way to become familiar with the functions of our software solutions is to try them out yourself. We would be happy to set up a standard test account so you and your colleagues can experience the benefits first-hand. Or if you prefer, we can set up a test account with your specific customer data.



In-house trainings
We offer practical, hands-on trainings to make sure your employees are fully equipped to work with the standards management solution you decide upon. Our trainers introduce all the program functionalities in detail. We also offer special trainings for Administrators.

 Individual online trainings
The online user trainings also introduce all the program functionalities in detail, but in a webinar format.

Perinorm trainings
Perinorm is Europe's largest bibliographic database of national, European and international standards and technical rules. This database is a highly effective research and administrative tool with numerous functions. These trainings offer participants detailed insights into the functional possibilities of Perinorm, based on their needs and previous knowledge.

Provision of data/Customization

Individual data provision/Customization include consulting services/project management
We will help you transfer your existing collection of standards into our standards management solution, by

  • the provision of existing data
  • importing the existing data
  • migration of data including consulting, structuring and project management services
  • creating profiles and account configuration

Company standards analysis: We’ll get the very most out of your company standards

You can have your company standards or other technical documents (PDF files for example) analysed by DIN Software's "Semantic Standards Information Framework", or "SNIF”. SNIF makes it possible to reach deeper into the content of your standards. You can search the whole collection of German standards and even beyond for specific formulations, search terms or other optional character strings.

When the results of the analysis are complete, we will deliver metadata that provides valuable insight on your documents. By integrating this into your standards management solution, your searches will become more efficient and conducive.