Manage your standards!

Beuth e-NORM

Product description

Standards management system

  • Beuth e-NORM is Beuth's standards management software and database for managing metadata and documents within your company.
  • We provide you with an empty database that you can fill with your own documents and metadata.
  • Normally, the system is combined with other Beuth products in order to fill it.

Obtaining metadata

Beuth e-NORM can be used to search metadata (bibliographic information, reference data) from other Beuth products. The following Beuth products provide metadata that can be used with Beuth e-NORM:

  • DITR Data Service
  • Perinorm
  • Data delivery and selection of data fields with Standards Ticker/tool (formerly "DIN Catalogue")
  •  Customers can also input data manually.

Obtaining documents

All documents in digital format can be incorporated into Beuth e-NORM: Not only documents purchased from Beuth Verlag, but also those from other publishers such as VDE.

Full text services

of Beuth Verlag that can be integrated into Beuth e-NORM:

  •  Individual selection of document collections
  •  up to 1,000 documents and metadata from "Standards Ticker/tool"
  •  1,000 or more documents from "Standards Ticker/doc" combined with metadata from Perinorm or the DITR Data Service, or manually input data
  • NormCD
  • Downloads of single documents

Key features of Beuth e-NORM software

  • Monitoring your standards to make sure they are up-to-date
  • "Favorites" function to monitor changes to documents
  • Overview of document histories
  • Integrated ordering
  • Automatic, customizable stamping of documents
  • Restriction of access to documents as needed
  • Offline access for mobile use
  • Restricted access for suppliers or customers
  • Differentiated rights management
  • Choice of languages
  • and much more!

Combine with other products

Beuth e-NORM offers a number of standards management functions not available in other Beuth products. It can either be used as a stand-alone product in combination with our metadata and document services, or as an "add-on" to Perinorm. When used with Perinorm, Beuth e-NORM functions as the management system while Perinorm functions as a sophisticated search system and data delivery service.

Special features

  • Beuth e-NORM can be tailored to your company's needs and specifications
  • The user interface can be adapted to your company's "corporate design"
  • Suitable for cost center accounting
  • Stamping function can be configured to your needs
  • Simultaneous access to documents
  • Full-text searching
  • Multi-client capability (e.g. certain suppliers have access to certain company standards)
  • Journaling function, including actual changes to each field
  • Authorization procedure for setting up monitoring intervals and organizing releases
  • Search mask in Italian upon request
  • Offline access for mobile use
  • and much more!

Content from other suppliers can also be integrated into the database, with either automatic or manual import.

Especially attractive for:

  • Small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) with special needs
  • Medium to large size companies
  • Customers with special needs not met by other similar products



Prices depend on scope of service. Please contact us for a personal offer.