Manage your standards!


What is Perinorm?

Perinorm is Europe's largest bibliographic database of national, European and international standards and technical rules - including legislation of technical relevance. Perinorm International also includes data on key US standards and Australian, South African and Japanese standards.

Perinorm software allows you to set up your own personalized update service, or you can use it together with your Standards Ticker/doc subscription. Perinorm has a number of useful standards managementfeatures and allows you to distribute your documents within your internal network.

Perinorm allows you to:

  • Search more than 1.5 million documents published worldwide - quickly and precisely.
  • Access all full texts of documents in your company - including your company standards or other technical documents that you use.
  • Expand your document collection by ordering and downloading online - directly via Perinorm.
  • Take advantage of standards management functions to support your work processes.

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