Manage your standards!

Standards Ticker

What is Standards Ticker?

Standards Ticker is a service that helps you keep your standards collection up-to-date. First, you send us a list of standards you wish to be monitored. The Standards Ticker team then provides you every month with important bibliographic information on superseding documents, new editions and withdrawals of documents in your collection. This way you stay up-to-date. We also inform you on a regular basis of the current status of your collection - even if nothing has changed.
Key features

  • Regular e-mails giving the current status of all standards in your collection and giving details for all new editions, withdrawals, etc.
  • Offers for purchasing new editions
  • Information tailored to your collection of documents, based on your company profile
  • Easy-to-use tool for managing your selected standards online
  • Searching for other standards related to your collection: Every six months we send you information about documents that could be of interest to you

Document collections covered by Standards Ticker:
Almost all national and international collections available via the Beuth webshop.

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